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Problem Solver

currently pursuing B.Tech at National Institute of Technology Agartala in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineeringcircular svg

Issue Tracker and Log Ingestor

Seamless log ingestion, accommodating both UI interactions and direct transmissions on PORT specified. The throughput as observed during a recent load test with 100 virtual users over 1 minute, averaged around 46 requests/sec. The system demonstrated its peak throughput, reaching up to 90 requests/sec during the test.

Project ThumbnailTech Stack:

npm i create-react-tail

Developed a React project initiation tool using Vite.js and Tailwind CSS, automating setup for quick project kickstart. Significantly reduces initial project setup time, optimizing the process and transforming approximately 90% of the traditional 10-minute configuration into a single command for enhanced development initiation efficiency.

Project ThumbnailTech Stack:

Ride Booking Website

Developed a Ride Booking Website that enabled users to select destinations and stops for themselves or others, providing the flexibility to negotiate and search for the most suitable prices based on their specific requirements. Integrated Firebase for secure user authentication and implemented Razorpay as the payment gateway, ensuring a secure booking experience.

Project ThumbnailTech Stack: